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UPDATED 10/4/2015
Just a couple of Sally Holmes climbers left! But it's only 10 short weeks away from the arrival of the first of our bare-root roses for 2016! Even more varieties on their way than last year, we hope to have them up there in the Rose Terrace by Christmas....
Check back often - my rose companies are all sending me confirmations and I'm going to know soon exactly what's coming. And when I say exactly - there is always that 5% chance that the rose company accidentally adds or subtracts a variety, or the rose arrives unsellable, so patience and understanding is the virtue required when searching for that special rose you absolutely have to have! In the meantime, while you wait, amend your soil, adding compost, adding nutrients and organic matter to enrich your soil and create the perfect environment for all your future plantings.

Click HERE for Rose care information.