Growing Rhododendrons Successfully

History: Our Rhododendrons come from the impecable growing grounds of Monrovia Nursery. Meticulously grown, these are gorgeous rhododendrons!! High quality, full & well-branched - these are healthy rhododendrons!

Exposure: An ideal location for most varieties is filtered shade. Under tree canopy or facing east for morning sun. Avoid hot afternoon western exposure. (Some varieties can tolerate more sun. Signs will indicate.)

Planting : Dig a hole 1 ½ times the size of the can. Position the top of root ball slightly above ground level. Rhodys need to acquire a lot of air in the root zone, but require a constant supply of moisture without wet or soggy conditions as a result. They must have excellent drainage.

Soil: Plants need rich, acid based soil. Amend with a liberal amount of Microbark , roughly a 50/50 ratio to native soil, if not more. If soil is clay or alkaline soil, plant in raised beds to provide optimum conditions. Finished bed should be at least 1-2' above original soil level. Mix generous amounts of Microbark into top foot of native soil.

Mulch: Rhodys are surface rooters and benefit from mulch such as Microbark, pine needles or oak leaves. Never cultivate around these plants or they will be damaged.

Pruning: Tip pinch young plants to encourage bushy new growth, prune older, leggy plants to restore shape by cutting back to side branches, leaf whorl or cluster of buds. Do extensive pruning in late winter or early spring.

Fertilize: Feed 1/2 Cup of EB Stone Rhody & Azalea food in early spring when last buds start to open, again in late spring and one final application in late summer. December 1 - 15th apply 0 -10 -10. Chlorosis can be caused by improper soil pH; supplement with FST .

Containers: May be grown easily in containers. Mix 50% Edna's Best Potting Soil or even better - the new Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil to 50% Microbark for optimal planting medium. Plants must be kept moist and not allowed to dry out. Regular H20 !


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