Clematis v. 'Etoile Violette'

Late Flowering

Beautifully free flowering variety with deep purple petals, centered with a cluster of creamy white anthers. Lush deep green foliage makes the perfect backdrop for the abundant blooms. This is a lovely variety to grow scrambling among climbing roses or a trellis, or up and over a pergola or arbor. Size: 8-12' vining...
Exposure: Viticella varieties can take more sun than other types of clematis but will perform better shaded from the hottest rays of the afternoon sun. Shaded roots preferred.
Bloom Time: Late Spring and again in fall.
1st year in late January/early February, cut to 6 from ground level. Then cut by half after first flush of blooms is finished. Second year & beyond; late winter cut is to 18 from ground level. Feed after each pruning session with a well-balanced fertilizer


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