Lady of Shalott

David Austin English Rose
One of the most robust and hardy roses in David Austin's, highly disease resistant to disease and excellent repeat bloomer. It is an ideal rose for the inexperienced gardener.
The young buds are a rich orange-red. These open to form chalice-shaped blooms, filled with loosely-arranged petals. Each petal has a salmon pink upper side which contrasts beautifully with the attractive golden-yellow reverse. The chalice shape means that the undersides of the petals are clearly seen, revealing glimpses of the deeper colour in the heart of the bloom.
Pleasant, warm, tea fragrance, with hints of spiced apple and cloves.
Lady of Shalott quickly forms a large, bushy shrub with slightly arching stems. The mid-green leaves have attractive, slightly bronzed tones when young.

4 x 3.5ft or 8ft as a climber.

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