Clematis 'Arabella'


A beautiful, non-climbing hybrid with large upturned flowers. The blooms appear constantly all summer and begin a deep blue-mauve color fading to a pale blue, all surrounding a snowy central cluster of stamens. While only 3.5 inches across, their ever-blooming nature makes this a must-have variety! A lovely addition for middle of a perennial border or equally lovely in a shaded container. Stunning scrambling through shrubs or roses.
Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer.
Exposure: Afternoon shade.
Size: 5-6' Tall Water: Regular

Pruning: In late January/early February, cut to 6-8 from ground level to a pair of buds. Then cut by half after the first flush of blooms is finished. Feed after each pruning session with well-balanced fertilizer.


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